October 2013 - Freshening up my knowledge of photosynthesis

Freshening up my knowledge of photosynthesis

Hi, I am Youri Draaijer, fourth year student of the bachelor course in Horticulture and Arable Farming at HAS Hogeschool in Den Bosch, in which I chose the Research and Innovation specialisation. During this specialisation the Bachelor Class Photosynthesis gives students an opportunity to upgrade their knowledge on photosynthesis. The Bachelor Class is a short course (5 days) spread over 5-6 weeks. The course is a combination of theory, practicals, excursions (a.o. Algae Parc Wageningen) and guest speakers.

The setup of this master class was very good, first of all the lessons began with the basics of photosynthesis. This was a nice bonus for almost all students, most of this knowledge was known but “forgotten”.  In both the first and second part of the theory lessons the term photosynthesis was made understandable, several measuring units were explained and used.

The second part of the theoretical lessons gave the students extra insight in ways photosynthesis will be used in our future. During these lessons and the excursions the bio-based economy was discussed and a couple of these bio-based ideas where shown. With the new technologies that are being developed it should be possible to create electric energy via photosynthesis. Also the world food problem can be solved with sea weed that is edible, a sea weed farm the size of Portugal could provide the world with all the proteins humans would need.

In short this course was a very good weeks’ worth of lessons, it freshened up our knowledge of photosynthesis. Secondly it gave us insight in the way a bio-based economy would be possible, with new technologies and ideas that have been shown in both the lessons and the excursions. But possibly most important for the students on the short-term the word photosynthesis is now understandable and more clear.


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