Workshop “Photosynthesis: Plug and Play”? 15-18 August

Date and venue :  August 15 to18,  Leiden, the Netherlands. Topics : In this workshop we plan to discuss all types of photosynthesis (i.e. oxygenic, anoxygenic and retinal-based), as well as autotrophic metabolism, in view of the u... Lees verder »

2nd International Solar Fuels (ISF-2) conference (July 6-10, 2016)

Date and venue : July 6-10, 2016, University of California, San Diego, USA In addition to the main conference, ISF-2 Young—an event for young researchers (PhD students, post-docs and other young scientists)—will be held on July 5... Lees verder »

17e Internationale Congres Fotosyntheseonderzoek (7-12 Augustus 2016)

The 17th International Congress on Photosynthesis Research will be held in Maastricht in 2016. BioSolar Cells is sponsor and co-organizer of the congress. The program is under construction and the current status can be found on the website . ... Lees verder »
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