EU Project Seeks to Develop Microalgae that Make Engine-Ready Fuels

The European Union-funded project dubbed DirectFuel is developing microalgae strains that catalyze direct conversion of solar energy and carbon dioxide into engine-ready fuels. A project description is available at the CORDIS website of the Eur... Lees verder »

Study Anticipates Higher Benefits from Algae Biofuels Compared to Petroleum

A study of a pilot-scale algae-based biofuel production conducted by the University of Virginia researchers found that carbon emissions of algae biofuels are lower than that of petroleum. The study also showed that algae biofuels come very close ... Lees verder »

Halving CO2 emissions by 2050: New report says it will cost $2 trillion a year

A new report from Imperial College London looks at what measures are required to reduce CO2 emissions and limit the extent of man-made climate change. The researchers have considered what technologies and interventions are required to limit ... Lees verder »

European Researchers to Produce Cheaper Bioethanol from Microalgae

A team of European researchers working in t he European Union-funded project DEMA (Direct Ethanol from MicroAlgae)  is targeting to produce bioethanol directly from photosynthesizing microorganisms for less than 0.40 euro per liter throu... Lees verder »

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Researchers from VIB, a life sciences research institute in Belgium, have reported in the journal Biotechnology for Biofuels the development of yeast strains that can efficiently ferment pentose sugars in waste biomass. Source: VIB, Augus... Lees verder »

Designer sugarcane being retooled to produce biofuels

AgriLife Today reported the sugarcane breeding work at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center aimed at developing a biofuel feedstock that will help reduce American dependence on petroleum by 30 percent by 2030. Source: AgriLife To... Lees verder »

GM Plants Reduce the Cost of Biofuel Production

A new study, recently published in the journal Science , explains that by genetically modifying the plants, much of the lignin can be removed, avoiding the need to soak the biomass in hot acid, and greatly reducing the overall cost of the biofue... Lees verder »

EU-backed project produces first algae crops for biofuel

Spain's FCC Aqualia said the first crop of wastewater-derived algae biomass has been harvested by the "All-gas" liquid biofuel project. "This original new approach to bioenergy means that Spain's 40-million population could power 200,000 vehicles... Lees verder »

A New Use for Algae in Biofuel Production

According to an article in the journal Phycologia , a recent research study examined a promising freshwater algal strain for possible genetic engineering applications that could make it a viable biofuel. The research, conducted by a research t... Lees verder »

New FOE study slams biofuels

A new study by Friends of the Earth slams biofuels and bases many of its conclusions on indirect land use change (ILUC) a hotly debated theory. The report, “ Understanding the Biofuel Trade-offs between Indirect Land Use Change, Hunger a... Lees verder »
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