Swedish study offers hope for hydrogen production with alggae

A study conducted by a group of researchers at Uppsala University (Sweden) suggests that efficient production of hydrogen gas using the photosynthetic machinery of green algae is possible, contrary to previous skeptical views. Published in the jo... Lees verder »

UK biofuels to cost drivers $707m this year

In the UK, biofuels will cost drivers $707m this year, according to a new report from Chatham House. Britain’s program to expand biofuel use doesn’t offer value for money and cheaper emissions reductions can be achieved elsewhere with... Lees verder »

Black Nanoparticles Could Play Key Role in Clean Energy Photocatalysis

The ability to turn low-efficiency photocatalytic “white” nanoparticles of titanium dioxide into high-efficiency “black” nanoparticles could be the key to clean energy technologies based on hydrogen. Using a unique atomic-... Lees verder »

Neste Oil Corporation pledges “No Deforestation”

Neste Oil, which had been criticized for its sourcing of deforestation-based palm oil, has pledged to shift away from palm oil sourced from primary forests, high conservation value and natural forests, and high carbon stock forests. Neste&rs... Lees verder »

'Artificial leaf' widens reach with self-healing capacity

The world's first practical "artificial leaf” can now self-heal damage that occurs during production of energy. The innovation means the leaf, which mimics the ability of real leaves to produce energy from nothing other than sunlight and wa... Lees verder »

UC Davids uses new approach to boost algae oil production

Taking an approach similar to that used for discovering new therapeutic drugs, chemists at the University of California, Davis, have found several compounds that can boost oil production by green microscopic algae. They screened 83 compounds for ... Lees verder »

DOE's $375M for Bioenergy Centers Fuels Genomics and Systems Bio Science

he US Department of Energy plans to fund its three Bioenergy Research Centers, which pursue a range of genomic and systems biology research projects for biofuel development, with $375 million over the next five years, DOE said on Thursday. The fu... Lees verder »

Engineering algae to make the 'wonder material' nanocellulose for biofuels and more

Genes from the family of bacteria that produce vinegar, Kombucha tea and nata de coco have become stars in a project — which scientists today said has reached an advanced stage — that would turn algae into solar-powered factories for ... Lees verder »

Advance in re-engineering photosynthesis to make drugs, compounds or ingredients

Scientists are reporting an advance in re-engineering photosynthesis to transform plants into bio-factories that manufacture high-value ingredients for medicines, fabrics, fuels and other products. They report on the research in the journal ACS S... Lees verder »

engineered Pyrococcus furiosus to make 3-hydroxypropionic acid using hydrogen gas, and CO2.

In the  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , a team from the University of Georgia and North Carolina State led by Michael Adams has revealed that they have engineered  Pyrococcus furiosus  to make 3-hydroxypropionic a... Lees verder »
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