Leids onderzoek biedt nieuw inzicht in elektrolyse van water

De Leidse hoogleraar Oppervlaktechemie Marc Koper heeft een verrassende ontdekking gedaan bij zijn onderzoek naar de elektrolyse van water. Hij vond dat het gevormde zuurstofgas volledig afkomstig is uit de oxidelaag aan het oppervlak van de elek... Lees verder »

IMF Sees Big Gains from Energy Subsidies Reform

A new IMF paper urges governments the world over to reform subsidies affecting products ranging from coal to gasoline. Estimates put cost of subsidies at $1.9 trillion in 2011, measures to protect poor are essential, reforms can remove impediment... Lees verder »

Nanowires Suck Up Light from Around Them

New research conducted in Denmark and Switzerland is showing that nanowires absorb far more light than expected based on their size. These unusual optical properties could lead to cheaper, more efficient solar panels. The researchers built solar ... Lees verder »

EU on track to meet renewable targets

The  European Commission published its first Renewable Energy Progress Report under the framework of the 2009 Renewable Energy Directive . Since the adoption of this directive and the introduction of legally binding renewable energy targ... Lees verder »

UGA turns CO2 into biofuels

Researchers at the University of Georgia have found a way to transform the carbon dioxide trapped in the atmosphere into useful industrial products. Their discovery may soon lead to the creation of biofuels made directly from the carbon dioxide i... Lees verder »

Trees Used to Create Recyclable, Efficient Solar Cell

A team of researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology and Purdue University, both in the United States, is using cellulose nanocrystal substrates, which are derived from plants such as trees, to fabricate solar cells. Such cells can be quick... Lees verder »

Peach Genome Offers Insights Into Breeding Strategies for Biofuels Crops

Rapidly growing trees like poplars and willows are candidate "biofuel crops" from which it is expected that cellulosic ethanol and higher energy content fuels can be efficiently extracted. Domesticating these as crops requires a deep understandin... Lees verder »

Port of Rotterdam reports 24% increase of biofuel import in 2012

The Port of Rotterdam, Europe’s main port for the handling, storage and production of biofuels, has reported that overall biofuel volumes increased substantially in 2012, the throughput of ethanol dropped when compared to 2011 statistics. ... Lees verder »

Advanced Biofuels USA disapproves of the Energy Security Trust

Advanced Biofuels USA , a nonprofit educational organization that advocates adoption of high energy biofuels, has released a statement opposing the Energy Security Trust proposal, deeming it “counterproductive, insufficient, and incon... Lees verder »

Maersk Working on Two Biofuel Projects

Danish shipping company Maersk is developing two projects to create biomass-based marine fuels using lignin. One of the projects involves a partnership with Progression Industry ,  a spin-off company of Eindhoven University of Technolo... Lees verder »
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