2nd International Solar Fuels (ISF-2) conference (July 6-10, 2016)

Date and venue : July 6-10, 2016, University of California, San Diego, USA In addition to the main conference, ISF-2 Young—an event for young researchers (PhD students, post-docs and other young scientists)—will be held on July 5... Lees verder »

Artificial Forest for Solar Water-Splitting

Scientists at the United States Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have reported the first fully integrated nanosystem for artificial photosynthesis. This “artificial forest” could be an important advan... Lees verder »

Black Nanoparticles Could Play Key Role in Clean Energy Photocatalysis

The ability to turn low-efficiency photocatalytic “white” nanoparticles of titanium dioxide into high-efficiency “black” nanoparticles could be the key to clean energy technologies based on hydrogen. Using a unique atomic-... Lees verder »

'Artificial leaf' widens reach with self-healing capacity

The world's first practical "artificial leaf” can now self-heal damage that occurs during production of energy. The innovation means the leaf, which mimics the ability of real leaves to produce energy from nothing other than sunlight and wa... Lees verder »

Leids onderzoek biedt nieuw inzicht in elektrolyse van water

De Leidse hoogleraar Oppervlaktechemie Marc Koper heeft een verrassende ontdekking gedaan bij zijn onderzoek naar de elektrolyse van water. Hij vond dat het gevormde zuurstofgas volledig afkomstig is uit de oxidelaag aan het oppervlak van de elek... Lees verder »

Nanowires Suck Up Light from Around Them

New research conducted in Denmark and Switzerland is showing that nanowires absorb far more light than expected based on their size. These unusual optical properties could lead to cheaper, more efficient solar panels. The researchers built solar ... Lees verder »

Huub de Groot: Kunstmatige fotosynthese wordt kern van de energievoorziening

In een  interview op de website van Biobased Society  spreekt Huub de Groot, wetenschappelijk directeur van BioSolar Cells, de verwachting uit dat kunstmatige fotosynthese over 40 jaar volop wordt toegepast.  Lees verder »

'Artificial leaf' faces economic hurdle

Described in  Science last year   by a team led by Dan Nocera at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the catalyst-coated wafer is a silicon version of a photosynthesizing leaf: it turns sunlight into storable fuel by splitting w... Lees verder »

Secrets of the first practical artificial leaf

A detailed description of development of the first practical artificial leaf — a milestone in the drive for sustainable energy that mimics the process, photosynthesis, that green plants use to convert water and sunlight into energy — ... Lees verder »
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