Researchers discover a way to harvest algal oil without destroying them

Australian researchers have developed a method to harvest biodiesel from algae without destroying them, allowing them to get out much more algae while using cheaper materials. The algae used are ready for oil harvesting every five days. S... Lees verder »

Neste Oil Corporation pledges “No Deforestation”

Neste Oil, which had been criticized for its sourcing of deforestation-based palm oil, has pledged to shift away from palm oil sourced from primary forests, high conservation value and natural forests, and high carbon stock forests. Neste&rs... Lees verder »

Port of Rotterdam reports 24% increase of biofuel import in 2012

The Port of Rotterdam, Europe’s main port for the handling, storage and production of biofuels, has reported that overall biofuel volumes increased substantially in 2012, the throughput of ethanol dropped when compared to 2011 statistics. ... Lees verder »

Propel Fuels and Solazyme roll out algae-based fuel in Bay Area

Propel Fuels and Solazyme have joined forces to introduce algae-based biodiesel at four filling stations in the San Francisco Bay Area, becoming the first in the world to make the product commercially available. The algae-based fuel is sold at ab... Lees verder »

Jatropha can revive degraded land, says study

Large-scale cultivation of Jatropha – known as a potential source of biofuel – can improve the soil quality of degraded lands and address climate change, says a new study. Source: SciDevNet, October 1, 2012 The full study was ... Lees verder »

New Data On the Biofuel Ecobalance: Most Biofuels Are Not 'Green'

First tops, then flops. That is one way of summing up the history of biofuels so far. A new study led by Empa gives an up-to-date picture of the ecobalance of various biofuels and their production processes. Only a few are overall more environmen... Lees verder »

Airbus, Virgin exploring eucalyptus as aviation biofuels feedstock

In Australia, Airbus has teamed with Virgin Australia to explore the use of eucalyptus mallee trees as a potential feedstock for renewable aviation fuel in Western Australia’s wheat belt using pyrolysis technology for processing. ... Lees verder »

Total and Amyris Partner to Produce Renewable Fuels

Total and Amyris, Inc. signed agreements to expand their current R&D partnership and form a joint venture to expand their ongoing research and development collaboration to accelerate the deployment of Biofene® and develop renewable d... Lees verder »

Analysis: EU cushions biodiesel from damning carbon research

The EU will protect existing investment in its $13 billion biodiesel sector even as it acts on new evidence that suggests making the fuel from food crops can do more harm than good in fighting climate change. Source: Reuters, 15 July, 2011 Lees verder »

LS9 Planning Brazil’s Biggest Plant to Make Biofuels, Chemicals

LS9 Inc., a  U.S. biotechnology company, may build Brazil’s biggest biofuel and specialty chemicals factory as more companies seek to produce new products from sugar cane. The company is planning a facility may be able to pro... Lees verder »
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