Making fuel from bacteria

The building blocks of blue-green algae – sunlight, carbon dioxide and bacteria – are being used by researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm to produce butanol, a hydrocarbon-like fuel for motor vehicles. Sourc... Lees verder »

MIT boosts isobutanol production by 260% with new approach

MIT chemical engineers and biologists have now devised a way to dramatically boost isobutanol production in yeast, which naturally make it in small amounts. They engineered yeast so that isobutanol synthesis takes place entirely within mitochondr... Lees verder »

Butamax lands biobutanol patent

The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Butamax Patent Number 8,273,558 ('558 patent). The innovative '558 patent technology provides a path to commercial production volumes of bio-isobutanol for the global biofuel and other markets. ... Lees verder »

Butanol hits the biofuels big-time

Ethanol has dominated the biofuel industry’s attention over the past few years. But synthetic-biology companies are now scaling up production of what some say is a superior fuel: butanol, an alcohol with four carbon atoms to ethanol’s... Lees verder »

Finns develop wood-to-butanol process

In Finland, researchers at Aalto University havediscovered a method to produce butanol from wood biomass using microbes. The university says that when wood biomass is boiled in a mixture of water, alcohol and sulphur dioxide, all parts of th... Lees verder »
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