Verkenning van een bioraffinaderij voor isobutanol in Rotterdam

Vorige week verscheen het onderzoeksrapport van een consortium met bedrijven en universiteiten die dit over de eigen sectorgrenzen heen heeft onderzocht. Alexandra van Huffelen, wethouder Duurzaamheid van de gemeente Rotterdam, nam met interesse ... Lees verder »

New algae bioreactor debuted by University of Alicante group

Tthe Research Group in Polymer Processing and Pyrolysis at the University of Alicante has designed an algae bioreactor it said is easily scalable to larger production, allows mass production, less cleaning and maintenance operations, better use o... Lees verder »

DNV: biofuels are key to meeting marine emissions targets

Volatile costs for fossil fuels and rising concerns over emissions. “A doubling of present CO2 emissions by 2050 if we do nothing.” A share of “for at least 10% of global emissions in 2050, as compared to 3% today, if measures a... Lees verder »

JRC Report on Critical Metals in Strategic Energy Technologies

The Institute for Energy and Transport of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission has conducted a study to assess whether there could be any potential bottlenecks to the deployment of low-carbon energy technologies in the EU du... Lees verder »
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