Shell: expects to be producing advanced biofuels at scale, in US, by end of decade

Advanced biofuels at scale and in meaningful volume based on novel technology from Shell’s considerable vault of talent, with a sensible approach to market-creating mechanisms like the Renewable Fuel Standard. Those are the headlines from a... Lees verder »

U.S. needs 1,000 cellulosic biorefineries

The U.S. needs 1,000 cellulosic ethanol plants by 2040 to snap the stranglehold of fossil fuels on the market, said Michael Knotek, a deputy undersecretary at the Department of Energy, at the official opening of the POET-DSM cellulosic ethanol pl... Lees verder »

First commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plant in the U.S. opens for business

POET-DSM Advanced Biofuels, LLC, opened a cellulosic ethanol plant in Emmetsburg, Iowa, named “ Project LIBERTY ”. Project LIBERTY converts baled corn cobs, leaves, husk and stalk into renewable fuel. At full capacity, it will co... Lees verder »

Sugars from seaweed for ethanol

A team of scientists from Bio Architecture Lab , has developed an engineered yeast that can efficiently metabolize the sugars in seaweed and ferment them into ethanol. Bio Architecture is a California-based company focused on the production of b... Lees verder »

Port of Rotterdam reports 24% increase of biofuel import in 2012

The Port of Rotterdam, Europe’s main port for the handling, storage and production of biofuels, has reported that overall biofuel volumes increased substantially in 2012, the throughput of ethanol dropped when compared to 2011 statistics. ... Lees verder »

Maersk Working on Two Biofuel Projects

Danish shipping company Maersk is developing two projects to create biomass-based marine fuels using lignin. One of the projects involves a partnership with Progression Industry ,  a spin-off company of Eindhoven University of Technolo... Lees verder »

Iowa farmers profiting from Syngenta’s Enogen ethanol hybrid corn

n Iowa, the farmers who have piloted Syngenta’s new ethanol corn hybrid known as Enogen have been happy so far as they’ve gotten a 40 cents per bushel premium over standard corn this season. The ethanol plant in Ida County blended 10%... Lees verder »

Exec predicts cellulosic biofuel production to boom in 2015

The CEO of the company that operates a commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plant in Crescentino, Italy, believes 2013 will be a turning point for the industry, with about 30 million gallons of cellulosic biofuel being produced in the U.S. and Eur... Lees verder »

EC Proposes Duties on Imported Ethanol

Following an investigation that concluded U.S. exporters sell ethanol to Europe at illegally low prices after receiving subsidies, The European Commission (EC) has proposed a rare duty on all U.S. producers of ethanol. In response, the U.S. Trade... Lees verder »

Dyadic set to commercialize powerful new enzymes from DISCO project

In the Netherlands, Dyadic has commenced commercialization of enzymes developed by the EU-funded DISCO project coordinated by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. The project’s results include lignin-tolerant enzymes and enzyme cockt... Lees verder »
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