Airbus to create biofuel from algae

Researchers from Airbus are growing algae near Munich for use in biofuel production, as the aviation industry works to improve flying's environmental sustainability. By 2050, algal biofuel could supply as much as 5% of jet fuel needs, say Munich ... Lees verder »

2nd International Solar Fuels (ISF-2) conference (July 6-10, 2016)

Date and venue : July 6-10, 2016, University of California, San Diego, USA In addition to the main conference, ISF-2 Young—an event for young researchers (PhD students, post-docs and other young scientists)—will be held on July 5... Lees verder »

IEA says 3-fold or greater increase in biofuels possible by 2040

The International Energy Agency released its latest World Energy Outlook 2015, saying there are clear signs that an energy transition is under way. The report finds that the plunge in oil prices has set in motion the forces that lead the market t... Lees verder »

CPI UK to turn seaweed into sustainable energy

The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) in Redcar, Teesside, is at the helm of a consortium including Newcastle University experts, which will look at turning seaweed into sustainable energy, producing bio-methane from the organic matter through ... Lees verder »

University of Greenwich researching pink algae for biofuels

Bright pink-orange microalgae found in salt lakes and coastal waters could become a renewable source of food, plastics, health products and fuel as a result of new research announced this week. The University of Greenwich is leading a EUR 10 mill... Lees verder »

Researchers discover a way to harvest algal oil without destroying them

Australian researchers have developed a method to harvest biodiesel from algae without destroying them, allowing them to get out much more algae while using cheaper materials. The algae used are ready for oil harvesting every five days. S... Lees verder »

'Milking' algal cells proves efficient alternative

Australian and Japanes researchers have developed a non-destructive algal oil extraction method, akin to 'milking' the algae as opposed to the conventional harvest-and-destroy approach. The "milking" process is less expensive compared to conve... Lees verder »

Sugars from seaweed for ethanol

A team of scientists from Bio Architecture Lab , has developed an engineered yeast that can efficiently metabolize the sugars in seaweed and ferment them into ethanol. Bio Architecture is a California-based company focused on the production of b... Lees verder »

Study Anticipates Higher Benefits from Algae Biofuels Compared to Petroleum

A study of a pilot-scale algae-based biofuel production conducted by the University of Virginia researchers found that carbon emissions of algae biofuels are lower than that of petroleum. The study also showed that algae biofuels come very close ... Lees verder »

European Researchers to Produce Cheaper Bioethanol from Microalgae

A team of European researchers working in t he European Union-funded project DEMA (Direct Ethanol from MicroAlgae)  is targeting to produce bioethanol directly from photosynthesizing microorganisms for less than 0.40 euro per liter throu... Lees verder »
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