European governments and companies to invest € 22 bln. in innovation

The European Commission, EU Member States and European industry will invest more than €22 billion over the next seven years in innovation for sectors that deliver high quality jobs. Most of the investment will go to five public-private partn... Lees verder »

Pew releases clean energy investment report

The Pew Charitable Trusts has published the 2012 edition of its “Who’s Winning the Clean Energy Race?” report. The analysis offers an update of Pew’s reports tracking clean energy investments over the past nine years. Und... Lees verder »

UK biofuels to cost drivers $707m this year

In the UK, biofuels will cost drivers $707m this year, according to a new report from Chatham House. Britain’s program to expand biofuel use doesn’t offer value for money and cheaper emissions reductions can be achieved elsewhere with... Lees verder »

DOE's $375M for Bioenergy Centers Fuels Genomics and Systems Bio Science

he US Department of Energy plans to fund its three Bioenergy Research Centers, which pursue a range of genomic and systems biology research projects for biofuel development, with $375 million over the next five years, DOE said on Thursday. The fu... Lees verder »

EU on track to meet renewable targets

The  European Commission published its first Renewable Energy Progress Report under the framework of the 2009 Renewable Energy Directive . Since the adoption of this directive and the introduction of legally binding renewable energy targ... Lees verder »

Advanced Biofuels USA disapproves of the Energy Security Trust

Advanced Biofuels USA , a nonprofit educational organization that advocates adoption of high energy biofuels, has released a statement opposing the Energy Security Trust proposal, deeming it “counterproductive, insufficient, and incon... Lees verder »

Biofuels Digest’s 10-Minute Guide to the Obama Administration’s New Energy Policy

In an adress at the Argonnen National Laboratories on Friday, President Obama said: "You see, after years of talking about it, we're finally poised to take control of our energy future.  Let's keep moving forward on an all-of-the-above ener... Lees verder »

President Obama is calling on Congress to establish an Energy Security Trust

On Friday March 15th President Obama talked about his proposal to create an Energy Security Trust . The proposed trust uses revenue generated by oil and gas development on federal lands to support new research and technology that will shift our ... Lees verder »

EC Proposes Duties on Imported Ethanol

Following an investigation that concluded U.S. exporters sell ethanol to Europe at illegally low prices after receiving subsidies, The European Commission (EC) has proposed a rare duty on all U.S. producers of ethanol. In response, the U.S. Trade... Lees verder »

Neste Oil wants stable EU policy for biofuels research

Neste Oil’s Executive VP is calling for a stable biofuels research policy, saying that though the current Indirect Land Use Change proposal is not ideal, it must not later be superseded by later policy changes. The lack of consistency among... Lees verder »
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