New Device Harnesses Sun and Sewage to Produce Hydrogen Fuel

A research team led by Yat Li at the University of California, Santa Cruz, developed a hybrid solar-microbial device and reported their results in a paper published in the American Chemical Society journal ACS Nano . The hybrid combines a microb... Lees verder »

Pew releases clean energy investment report

The Pew Charitable Trusts has published the 2012 edition of its “Who’s Winning the Clean Energy Race?” report. The analysis offers an update of Pew’s reports tracking clean energy investments over the past nine years. Und... Lees verder »

Swedish study offers hope for hydrogen production with alggae

A study conducted by a group of researchers at Uppsala University (Sweden) suggests that efficient production of hydrogen gas using the photosynthetic machinery of green algae is possible, contrary to previous skeptical views. Published in the jo... Lees verder »

engineered Pyrococcus furiosus to make 3-hydroxypropionic acid using hydrogen gas, and CO2.

In the  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , a team from the University of Georgia and North Carolina State led by Michael Adams has revealed that they have engineered  Pyrococcus furiosus  to make 3-hydroxypropionic a... Lees verder »

Liquid storage could make hydrogen a feasible fuel

A process for extracting hydrogen from a liquid fuel could remove one of the biggest hurdles to a 'hydrogen economy', its discoverers say. They have developed a catalyst that harvests the gas from methanol, a liquid fuel that — unlike hydro... Lees verder »

Kordi finds Midas touch with biofuel

Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute (KORDI) has developed technology that uses single-celled microorganisms from deep under the seabed in the Pacific Ocean to transform carbon monoxide emissions from steel manufacturing into hydro... Lees verder »

Japan: Begint de waterstofsamenleving in 2015 in Fukuoka?

Vanaf 2015 zal de ontwikkeling van brandstofcellen en waterstof een vlucht nemen. Dat stelden sprekers uit de VS, Japan en Duitsland tijdens een internationaal waterstof forum dat februari 2012 werd gehouden in de Japanse stad Fukuoka. Source:... Lees verder »

Nano-Engineered Bioconstructs Perform Photosynthesis Faster Than Nature Does

Scientists have been trying for a while now to recreate the process of photosynthesis, using sunlight and water to spark chemical reactions. Now a team from Penn State University has done one better, producing an engineered biological system... Lees verder »

Elsevier Biofuel Launched to Guide Innovation

Elsevier Biofuels  is a new tool  for biofuel managers and research development professionals to help solve innovation challenges. It is an online search and discovery tool that gives companies access to the highest level of ... Lees verder »

‘Artificial leaf’ moves closer to reality

MIT researchers develop a device that combines a solar cell with a catalyst to split water molecules and generate energy. Bron: MIT News, 9 June 2011 Lees verder »
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