Culture Collection Yerseke

The Department of Marine Microbiology (NIOO-KNAW) maintains a collection of marine phototrophic microorganisms. This Culture Collection Yerseke (CCY) contains currently 300 cyanobacteria, 150 diatoms and 50 other algae. The majority of these strains are unique and have been isolated by the members of the Department.
Most of the strains are available as axenic (bacteriological pure) cultures. A detailed (genetic) characterization of each of the strains is in progress. An internet webpage including a catalogue of the strains is in preparation. 
The CCY possesses extensive experience in the isolation and purification of phototrophic microorganisms, optimization of culture conditions and medium composition. For each of the cultrues protocolls are being developed for cryo-preservation of the cultures. The cultures are cryo-preserved in a special containiner in the vapour of liquid nitrogen. The genomes of two of the CCY cultures have been completely sequenced and that of two other strains is currently in progress. All strains are available to the public on request. 

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