Genetic variation in Arabidopsis thaliana of photosynthesis parameters in response to abiotic stress

Natural variation for photosynthesis efficiency under suboptimal conditions is studied in Arabidopsis at the molecular genetic level using a novel phenotypic screening platform in a genome wide association mapping approach. This is a novel approach, which will lead to the identification and characterization of novel genes involved in photosynthesis efficiency, but also to the identification of novel alleles of genes already known to be involved in photosynthesis that
have arisen as a result of the different selective pressures to which diverse natural populations of Arabidopsis have been exposed. The scientific challenges are the identification of the genetic loci involved in the evolutionary adaptation of photosynthesis, the isolation and characterization of these genes, and the verification of these genes as important targets for selective breeding or genetic modification in crops.
The work in this project will be done at the Laboratory of Genetics, Wageningen University.
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