Phenotypic engineering of higher plants: Developing a new paradigm for improving photosynthetic efficiency

Plants with enhanced photosynthetic efficiency are essential to meet future food and energy demands. However, current technologies have limitations in quality and quantity of phenotype changes necessary for bringing drastic improvement in photosynthesis. To dramatically speed up natural evolutionary pathways of plants, a genome wide re-programming with zinc finger based artificial transcription factors and establishment of plants with high photosynthetic efficiency is being done in collaboration with Institute of biology. For this Ph.D. position, the student will optimize and apply latest fluorescence and high resolution NMR and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-based techniques to guide and underpinned the screening of extreemophiles with high photosynthetic efficiency. In addition, solid state NMR in conjunction with isotope labeling will be applied to get inside into the mechanism behind improved efficiency.

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