System-level integration of the process of photosynthesis in vivo and the application to various C3 plants

The species that will be the focus of the research of C3A1 are Arabidopsis thaliana, Camissonia brevipes and Lycopersicum esculentum (tomato).

Arabidopsis will serve as the primary model for low light adaptation and photosynthetic efficiency under light-limiting conditions because of the wide range of transformants available with modified pigment/protein composition.

Camissonia is a C3 plant with unusually high rates of CO2 fixation and will serve as the primary model for exploring the physiological attributes required for sustained high rates of photosynthesis.

Tomato will be the primary model for the exploration of the effects of sink activity on the operation and regulation of photosynthesis and carbohydrate metabolism and transport; genetic resources are available for the up and down-regulation of tomato fruit sink activity.

The work in this project is primarily done at the Horticultural Supply Chains Group of Wageningen UR. 

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