About BioSolar Cells

BioSolar Cells is a five-year research project in which ten knowledge institutions and 45 private industries  work together. The project is headed by a  management team  and a Scientific Advisory Board. Its budget of € 42 million is funded from public and private sources.  

Knowledge institutions

  • Wageningen University and Research Centre
  • Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
  • Technische Universiteit Delft
  • Universiteit van Amsterdam
  • Universiteit Leiden
  • University of Twente
  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
  • HAS Den Bosch

Private industry




  • Chairman Steering Committee: Raoul Bino (Wageningen UR)
  • General Director: René Klein Lankhorst (Wageningen UR)
  • Scientific Director: Huub de Groot (Leiden university)
  • Director Operations: Valorisation Officer: Gionata Leone (Wageningen UR)





  • Cluster leaders:
      • (Semi-) artificial systems: Ernst Sudhölter (Technische Universiteit Delft) and Joost Reek (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
      • Algae and  bacteria:  Klaas Hellingwerf (Universiteit van Amsterdam) and René Wijffels (Wageningen UR)
      • Plants:  Herbert van Amerongen (Wageningen UR) and Jeremy Harbinson (Wageningen UR)
      • Education and debate: Jan Dekker (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)


BioSolar Cells is financed by:

  • Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation: € 25 million
  • Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO): € 3.5 million
  • Dutch universities and research institutes: € 7 million
  • Private business: € 6.5 million

BioSolar Cells and AlgaePARC

 For its research on the optimal conditions for large-scale algae culture BioSolar Cells makes use of AlgaePARC (Algae Production And Research Centre). This is a new algae research facility in Wageningen, which receives external funding. For more information see AlgaePARC.

Scientific Advisory Board

Members of the BioSolar Cells Scientific Advisory Board:
• Leslie Dutton, University of Pennsylvania,
• Eva-Mari Aro, University of Turku, Dept. of Biochemistry and Food Chemistry
• Tony Harriman, Newcastle University, Molecular Photonics Laboratory,
• Wolfgang Lubitz, Max-Planck-Institut für Bioanorganische Chemie
• Wilhelm Gruissem, ETH Zürich


Project Office BioSolar Cells
Postbus 98
6700 AB Wageningen
The Netherlands
+31 317 481 096


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