Publications on synthetic photosynthesis in 2013

Publicaties over kunstmatige bladeren in 2013

 Alia, A, F. Buda, H. J. M. De Groot, J. Matysik (2013) Solid-state NMR of nanomachines involved in photosynthetic energy conversion, Annual Review of Biophysics 42: 675-699  view article >

De Respinis, M., G. De Temmerman, I. Tanyeli, M. C. M. Van De Sanden, R. P. Doerner, M. J. Baldwin and R. Van De Krol (2013). Efficient plasma route to nanostructure materials: Case study on the use of m-WO3 for solar water splitting. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 5(15): 7621-7625 view article  >

Diaz-Morales, O., F. Calle-Vallejo, C. De Munck and M. T. M. Koper (2013). Electrochemical water splitting by gold: Evidence for an oxide decomposition mechanism. Chemical Science 4(6): 2334-2343 view article >

Eisenmayer, T. J., J. A. Lasave, A. Monti, H. J. M. De Groot and F. Buda (2013). Proton displacements coupled to primary electron transfer in the Rhodobacter sphaeroides reaction center. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 117(38): 11162-11168  view article>

Esiner, S., T. Bus, M. M. Wienk, K. Hermans and R. A. J. Janssen (2013). Quantification and validation of the efficiency enhancement reached by application of a retroreflective light trapping texture on a polymer solar cell. Advanced Energy Materials 3(8): 1013-1017  view article>

Esiner, S., H. Van Eersel, M. M. Wienk,R. A. J. Janssen (2013) Triple junction polymer solar cells for photoelectrochemical water splitting, Advanced Materials 25(21): 2932-2936 view article >

Faunce, T., S. Styring, M. R. Wasielewski, G. W. Brudvig, A. W. Rutherford, J. Messinger, A. F. Lee, C. L. Hill, H. Degroot, M. Fontecave, D. R. MacFarlane, B. Hankamer, D. G. Nocera, D. M. Tiede, H. Dau, W. Hillier, L. Wang,R. Amal (2013) Artificial photosynthesis as a frontier technology for energy sustainability, Energy and Environmental Science 6(4): 1074-1076 view article >

Joya, K. S., J. L. Vallés-Pardo, Y. F. Joya, T. Eisenmayer, B. Thomas, F. Buda and H. J. M. De Groot (2013). Molecular catalytic assemblies for electrodriven water splitting. ChemPlusChem 78(1): 35-47  view article>

Joya, K. S. and H. J. M. De Groot (2013). Electrochemical in situ surface enhanced Raman spectroscopic characterization of a trinuclear ruthenium complex, Ru-red. Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 44(8): 1195-1199. view article >

Karabudak, Engin, Barbara L. Mojet, Stefan Schlautmann, Guido Mul and Han J. G. E. Gardeniers (2012). Attenuated Total Reflection-Infrared Nanofluidic Chip with 71 nL Detection Volume for in Situ Spectroscopic Analysis of Chemical Reaction Intermediates. Analytical Chemistry 84(7): 3132-3137  view article >

Karabudak, Engin, Recep Kas, Wojciech Ogieglo, Damon Rafieian, Stefan Schlautmann, R. G. H. Lammertink, Han J. G. E. Gardeniers and Guido Mul (2013). Disposable Attenuated Total Reflection-Infrared Crystals from Silicon Wafer: A Versatile Approach to Surface Infrared Spectroscopy. Analytical Chemistry 85(1): 33-38  view article >

Pandit, A., K. Ocakoglu, F. Buda, T. van Marle, A.R. Holzwarth and H.J.M. de Groot (2013). Structure determination of a bio-inspired self-assembled light-harvesting antenna by solid-state NMR and molecular modeling. J. Phys. Chem. B  view article>

Pillai, S., J. Ravensbergen, A. Antoniuk-Pablant, B. D. Sherman, R. Van Grondelle, R. N. Frese, T. A. Moore, D. Gust, A. L. Moore and J. T. M. Kennis (2013). Carotenoids as electron or excited-state energy donors in artificial photosynthesis: An ultrafast investigation of a carotenoporphyrin and a carotenofullerene dyad. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15(13): 4775-4784  view article>


Publications on synthetic photosynthesis in 2011 and 2012

Eisenmayer, T. J., H. J. M. De Groot, E. Van De Wetering, J. Neugebauer and F. Buda (2012). Mechanism and reaction coordinate of directional charge separation in bacterial reaction centers. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 3(6): 694-697  view article>

 Joya, K. S. and H. J. M. De Groot (2012). Biomimetic molecular water splitting catalysts for hydrogen generation. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 37(10): 8787-8799  view article>

Karabudak, Engin, Emre Yuce, Stefan Schlautmann, Ole Hansen, Guido Mul and Han Gardeniers (2012). On the pathway of photoexcited electrons: probing photon-to-electron and photon-to-phonon conversions in silicon by ATR-IR. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 14(31): 10882-10885  view article>

Kouijzer, S., S. Esiner, C. H. Frijters, M. Turbiez, M. M. Wienk and R. A. J. Janssen (2012). Efficient Inverted Tandem Polymer Solar Cells with a Solution-Processed Recombination Layer. Advanced Energy Materials 2(8): 945-949  view article>

Standing, A. J., S. Assali, J. E. M. Haverkort and E. P. A. M. Bakkers (2012). High yield transfer of ordered nanowire arrays into transparent flexible polymer films. Nanotechnology 23(49)  view article>

Vallés-Pardo, J. L., M. C. Guijt, M. Iannuzzi, K. S. Joya, H. J. M. De Groot and F. Buda (2012). Ab initio molecular dynamics study of water oxidation reaction pathways in mono-Ru catalysts. ChemPhysChem 13(1): 140-146  view article>

Vallés-Pardo, J. L., H. J. M. De Groot and F. Buda (2012). Structural rearrangements and reaction intermediates in a di-Mn water oxidation catalyst. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 14(44): 15502-15508  view article>

Hetterscheid, D. G. H. and J. N. H. Reek (2011). Me2-NHC based robust Ir catalyst for efficient water oxidation. Chemical Communications 47(9): 2712-2714  view article >

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