BioSolar Cells – Invitation to submit a proposal on photosynthesis research

In a collaboration of the BioSolar Cells Project and Technological Top Institute Green Genetics (TTI GG) a grant of 200,000 € is available, for a public-private project with a total budget of 400,000 €. Projects can be submitted by consortia that consist of at least two companies and one knowledge institution.  

The precondition for this grant is that the project has relevance, in terms of content, with research in the field of photosynthesis and, more specifically, is aimed at research on yield as a result of translation of photosynthesis efficiency.

The conditions for participation of breeding companies is that they match 50% of the budget, that is 200,000 € (in kind and / or cash), to the project.
The proposed project has to be completed before July 1st 2015 

For this research project, the terms and the conditions of the BioSolar Cells Consortium Agreement apply. 

Deadline for submission is June 1st 2012. 

For more information, please contact: 
Dr. René Klein Lankhorst, Director Operations 
Project Office BioSolar Cells 
P.O. Box 98 
6700 AB, Wageningen 
The Netherlands 
Tel: +31 317 481 096 
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