Vacature PhD position: High resolution solid state NMR/Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

In this project, the PhD. student will optimize and apply high resolution NMR and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) based techniques to guide the engineering and underpin the pathways of engineered Arabidopsis plants with high photosynthetic efficiency, growth vigor or salinity tolerance (developed in a parallel project). Magnetic resonance microimaging (MRI) based metabolite mapping will allow for a simultaneous visualization and quantification of metabolites in a non-destructive manner in living plant tissue, which will provide unambiguous assays of changes in metabolite pools related to improved performance due to transcriptional activation or repression of metabolic pathways. In addition, solid state NMR in conjunction with isotope labeling will be applied to get insight into the mechanisms behind improved efficiency. The project is funded by FOM/ALW within the theme 'BioSolar Cells'.

Please find the the advertisement on the FOM website under Research Positions:

Contact: For more information please contact Prof. H.J.M. de Groot or Dr. A. Alia.

Closing time: 15 March 2014.

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